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How to translate a Flask-App, including content generated by Javascript

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Not so frequently asked questions and stuff: 


It is well known that if you want your Flask apps to support internationalization, you should use The Flask Mega-Tutorial recommends creating a single javascript file per language. While this method is working, I would prefer using a standard gettext style method.

Meet jsgettext. It is basically a boiled down version of the usual gettext tool that is used everywhere in nearly every programming language. It supports the standard gettext functions, including the one using contexts or plural forms.

Unfortunately, I found that the documentation of its usage was quite limited. This is why I uploaded here a sample app that gets its text translated in 3 different parts:

  • In the Python code.
  • In the Jinga templates.
  • In Javascript generated text


Each part include examples of translations including placeholders and/or plural forms.

You can find the code attached to this post, but for convenience I've also uploaded it on GitHub: