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Boot Wester Digital's diagnostic tool "Data Lifeguard Diagnostic" using PXE

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The system used here is a Debian Lenny.

Create the image:

You will need:

  • Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for DOS (CD)
  • FreeDOS
zwm-server:~/western# wget ""
zwm-server:~/western# wget ""

Mount the FreeDOS image and the CD:

zwm-server:~/western# mkdir fdboot ourimage DiagCD
zwm-server:~/western# mount -o loop fdboot.img fdboot
zwm-server:~/western# mount -o loop Diag504fCD.iso DiagCD/

Create and mount a 2MB fat image:

zwm-server:~/western# dd if=/dev/zero of=ourimage.img bs=1M count=2
zwm-server:~/western# apt-get install dosfstools
zwm-server:~/western# mkfs.msdos ourimage.img
zwm-server:~/western# mount -o loop ourimage.img ourimage

Copy the FreeDOS files and the CD contents to the newly created image disk:

zwm-server:~/western# cp -r fdboot/* ourimage/
zwm-server:~/western# mkdir ourimage/western
zwm-server:~/western# cp -r DiagCD/* ourimage/western/

Umount eveything:

zwm-server:~/western# umount ourimage/
zwm-server:~/western# umount DiagCD/
zwm-server:~/western# umount fdboot/

Copy the boot sector from the original FreeDOS image to ours:

zwm-server:~/western# dd if=fdboot.img of=ourimage.img bs=1 count=446 seek=62 skip=62 conv=notrunc

Boot the image:

What you need:

  • pxelinux.0
  • memdisk
  • pxelinux's config file (pxelinux.cfg/default):
    DEFAULT wd_iso
    LABEL wd_iso
      KERNEL memdisk
      INITRD ourimage.img

Boot your computer, start FreeDOS and run the Wester Digital utility from the western folder.